Simplenote for PlayBook is Live!

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Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve had something new to announce. I apologize for that, school has to take precedence over blogging and fun, unfortunately. But, i come to you today with something new and exciting to announce!

My second app, Simplenote for Playbook is live in the BlackBerry AppWorld!

This app is a native gateway for the popular Simplenote service, which already has apps on all other major platforms, most notably iPhone. I had, for a while, used the Web based site on my playbook for this app, however i decided that enough was enough, and people needed a good native app. So, here it is.

I spent the first few weeks of summer developing it, perfecting it, testing it, and doing just about everything i could to try to break it. Fortunately, i couldn’t. So now, it’s live!

Everyone who has a playbook should go and download my app. I know it’s shameless self promotion, but I made it for the betterment of the platform, and for the enjoyment of all. So, everyone, go and enjoy it!

I do plan, in the near future, to bring this app to android tablets, and maybe to android phones. Keep watching here, and i’ll post all news on future updates, and more!